Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to improve dragons?

Well I've been in the game for quite a while now and I just discovered a very unique way to improve your gaming. Not having money to buy gems.

Well the solution?

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dragon City: The Preliminaries

Well the first thing do is to establish an earning dragon habitat.
                     HABITAT HIERARCHY:
                        (element-max gold capacity, max dragon capacity)
                             -no building upgrade stats-
                          1. Earth- 500, 2
                          2. Fire- 7500, 2
                          3. Water- 10000, 1
                          4. Plant- 7500, 2
                          5. and so on and so forth
We will tackle further habitats on the next posts.

Next, your food farm is then up. Choosing an appropriate food-producing plant would be essential to your growth.
                      EARLY FARM PLANTS (Small Farm):
                          (plant: time to grow-food-gold price-xp)
                         1. Dragon Bell: 30 secs- 10- 50 - 25
                         2. Hot Dragon Chili: 5 min - 50 - 250 - 250
                         3. Caterpillar Lily: 30 min- 150 - 1000 - 1000

Choosing a good dragon will soon follow. Every dragon is unique, with certain attacking abilities and gold production.

                          1. Earth Dragon- Fast Gold Earner
                          2. Fire Dragon- Average Gold Earner
                          3. Water Dragon- Slow Gold Earner
                          4. Plant Dragon- Above Average Gold Earner
                          5. Electric Dragon- Fast Gold Earner

We will now discuss certain strategies based on your time and frequency of playing.

1. Playing time: 10-30 mins

This playing time means that you need a slow-average earning dragon and a high gold capacity habitat.
      1 Earth
      2 Fire
      1 Water
      1 Earth Dragon- feed more to maximize the short time to earn gold
      4 Fire Dragon (could also be a Hybrid)- fire dragon must be at least  level 5 or 6
      1 Water Dragon- level at lest 9
       Food exploitation is also Highly recommended here.
           During the playing time:
             -use Hot Dragon Chili (always check to maximize time)
             -before you close the application, make sure to grow Caterpillar Lily since you will be idle for a long        period of time
2. Playing time: 1 hr-3 hrs

  A a high earning dragon and low gold capacity would do this already.
          2-3 Earth
          2 Fire
          1 Water
          1 Plant
          2 Electric

          3 Earth - too many Earth Dragons in a habitat will not complement the low gold capacity of the Earth Habitat
          4 Fire- Fire dragons are average earners complimented with their average gold capacity habitat
          1 Water- the Water Dragon is just a "hole tap" to at least cover the idle time when you're not online
          1 Plant- Plant dragons are somewhat similar to fire dragons but plant dragons are acquired at a level 10 + already
          2 Electric- electric dragons are the same as earth but does have a little higher gold capacity but electric dragons are also acquire at a level somewhere 10+

          -use Hot Dragon Chili excessively
          -make sure to plant plants with  long growth time before you sign out

There you have it! The next post will be about the use of Hot Dragon Chili's!